Eastgate Capital Advisors Team


Eastgate Capital Advisors LLC is a holistic financial advisory practice and multi-family office with an important distinction – a focus on you. The firm understands clients’ needs and customizes its service offerings to meet individual needs. No responsibility too large and no detail too small, Eastgate’s mission is to understand your unique goals for the future and then work with you to accomplish them.

With that knowledge, Eastgate lights a path to the secure future you have always envisioned for your family. The firm’s approach embraces the idea that everyone is unique and clients deserve the highest caliber of guidance and personal service. The firm utilizes the ensemble or team approach, rather than silo model, to deliver client services. The team’s composition of professionals from differing financial backgrounds reflects this ideal and is comprised of seasoned professionals of crucial financial competencies and disciplines.


The Eastgate name was inspired by a sense of security and home. Eastgate’s gate lamp serves as a beacon shining the way and the gate’s iron construction suggests both safety and privacy. Today, Eastgate Capital Advisors functions in the same manner – lighting a path to a secure future and providing clients with the comfort of a safe and familiar location.

The name Eastgate imbues who we are and all that we do. At Eastgate Capital Advisors, we welcome you and come to understand your personal goals and financial situation. With that knowledge, we provide you with the service, protection and privacy you deserve.

Eastgate North Shore Wealth Management