Eastgate Weath Management Process


Eastgate manages client relationships with highly experienced professionals who understand the big financial picture. Our Ensemble Client Service Approach brings together the full spectrum of financial service and multi-family office disciplines, providing clients with the guidance, protection, and service needed to live the life and leave the legacy you’ve always envisioned. The process begins with a face-to-face meeting centered around the client and firm getting to know each other better and exploring how Eastgate can help. Eastgate does not have account minimums and is a fee-based fiduciary. The firm does not participate in wrap fee programs or offer services via performance-based fees.

At the initial meeting, we get to know one another better. We focus on you and your family, learning about your goals and relevant information, we begin to develop a plan together. We’ll review our firm and its capabilities with you. We jointly develop an agreement outlining what you can expect from us and how we work together.

We identify further information needed for our next meeting. The information would typically include estate planning documents, recent tax returns, financial statements from banks and brokerage firms and insurance documentation.

At the second meeting, we build on our understanding and work together to further refine your goals, review preliminary findings and begin to outline a path forward. We identify further information needed based upon what has been provided to date.

This helps develop an understanding of your risk tolerance when it comes to investing and how risk tolerance affects how you may deploy your assets. We assess your existing savings plans and begin working together to tailor the plan to achieve your goals.

After we have exchanged full information, we work diligently to analyze the goals, understand the full financial picture, including investments, savings to date, insurance, tax and estate planning. We prepare projections of the current savings and investment results and work on a detailed plan with revised projections.

We develop a written report summarizing your goals and the level of savings and investments to date. This plan includes projections and an analysis of insurance coverage adequacy, retirement and college savings plans. We prepare a series of recommendations to help you achieve your goals.

After our analysis, we meet with you and share the robust analysis with our recommendations. We discuss options, the rationale for each recommendation and we address questions and concerns.

You make decisions related to those recommendations. This meeting lets us put the finishing touches on the plan. We partner with you to determine your path to a secure future.

Following the plan review meeting, we begin to execute the plan. We have a clear understanding of tasks which you will perform and which tasks the firm will perform.

At your direction we coordinate the plan with your tax and legal advisors prior to taking any actions on your behalf. We can fully execute the plan if you wish or we can work with you to execute the plan.

This last of the six steps brings us full circle. Job changes, marriages, children, education, children’s marriages, retirement, grandchildren, grandchildren’s education and elder care all call for review of the plan to analyze whether the plan fits your changing needs. We should re-evaluate the relevant facets affecting your life and update the plan to fit your unique circumstances.

We expect to meet with you in person at least once per year to review events and changes to the plan. We also discuss changes in the legal and tax environment which might impact your planning. We evaluate the portfolio and progress on the plan. We jointly determine who is responsible for monitoring progress.